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Religious still life of loaves of bread, fishing net, basket and two fresh fish

Do you know someone who is spiritually hungry? Invite them to Sunday Masses at St. Mark over the next five weeks, where the Lord has prepared a feast “par excellence.” It is a banquet of heavenly proportions, with bread and wine, fish and fowl, cake…and the food beyond all other food, the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus….

Who We Are?

Get Involved

ornament1 There are many opportunities for service, ministry, and community here at St. Mark’s. We invite you to learn more and get involved!


ornament1 Sunday Mass is the high point of our spiritual lives, but it is by no means the only opportunity for worship, prayer, or growth in faith. We invite you to discover the rich life of faith that is celebrated and offered here on a daily basis!

I'm new here

ornament1 Whether you are new to the area or just new to St. Mark’s, welcome! We invite you to learn more about joining us and becoming an active member of our parish.