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An Uncommon, Extraordinary “Sanctus” Lent at St. Mark, like in many parishes, is a season of greater liturgical simplicity. The decor of the church is subdued, largely devoid of any color but purple. The greenery behind the altar and crucifix has been replaced by bare branches, and there are no flowers in the church. Music during Lent often consists…

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ornament1 There are many opportunities for service, ministry, and community here at St. Mark’s. We invite you to learn more and get involved!


ornament1 Sunday Mass is the high point of our spiritual lives, but it is by no means the only opportunity for worship, prayer, or growth in faith. We invite you to discover the rich life of faith that is celebrated and offered here on a daily basis!

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ornament1 Whether you are new to the area or just new to St. Mark’s, welcome! We invite you to learn more about joining us and becoming an active member of our parish.