Viewing Your Contributions

Contributions to St. Mark Catholic Church are entered into St. Mark’s database weekly. Your personal information can be viewed only with a personal ACCESS login and password.

Be assured that an ACCESS user CANNOT see other users’ contributions, except for those of a spouse, i.e. if a couple has opted to have the their contributions COMBINED.

  • Log into ACCESS.
  • Click on My Giving History from Giving in the main menu.
  • Total YTD Giving displays your year-to-date contribution total for the current year. To see your total for the prior year, select that year in the white drop down box next to For Year.
  • Click on the PDF Tax Statement blue button to view your contributions for the prior year by date and a summary for each contribution fund. Then you can SAVE or PRINT the Tax Statement.
  • The Contribution Information section lists the details of your 10 Most Recent Contributions, including Date, Amount, the fund Given To, and Gift Description for online gifts with any notations you made.
    • To see more contributions click on Show All and/or enter a Date Range.
    • To reorder Contributions Information click on a column heading. To reverse the order click on the heading again. The small triangle next to a column heading indicates the current order.

Note that you’ll need Adobe or other PDF reader APP on your device to view Tax Statements.

To request help from a St. Mark ACCESS administrator, click on Report a Problem at the top right of any ACCESS page.