In cases where there are insufficient ordinary ministers (bishops, priests, and deacons), Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist in the distribution of Holy Communion within the Mass and in bringing Communion to the sick and home-bound. In accord with the norms of the Diocese of Raleigh, “Men and women sixteen years or older and having received the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) are eligible for this ministry. They are to be Catholics in good standing who sincerely try to live the Gospel message in accordance with the teachings of the Church. They are to participate regularly in the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist and practice their Catholic faith. They are to be registered members of the parish in which they are commissioned. Upon the recommendation of the pastor or pastoral administrator, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are appointed by the Diocesan Bishop before they serve. There is a term limit of five years with an option of renewal for an additional five years.”

At St. Mark’s, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are scheduled to assist at daily and Sunday Masses and, through the Camillus Ministry, bring Holy Communion to the sick in hospitals, nursing homes and the home-bound.

If you are interested in serving as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at Mass, please contact Ron Probst at  (910) 620-2717 or probstronald@gmail.com.

To volunteer for the Camillus Ministry (bringing Holy Communion to the sick and home-bound), please contact David Powell at (910) 350-8936 or snucker23@gmail.com.