DSC_1676Anne Doyle, Director of Children’s Faith Formation



Our Goal

The goal of our Department is to provide age appropriate faith groups for all children in our community. We continue to support our children and families while strengthening our efforts and commitment to the total faith development and education of the children at St. Mark Parish.

“If we want to help the child draw nearer to God, we should with patience and courage…seek to go always closer to the vital nucleus of things. This requires study and prayer. The child himself will be our teacher if we know how to observe him.”
A quote by Sofia Sofia Cavalletti

We will strive to promote and increase attendance of students from pre-K through elementary school; increase awareness of, and meet the needs for children’s sacramental preparation involving the parents; provide weekly Children’s Liturgy of the Word year round; foster vocation awareness; provide service opportunities for the children to develop their awareness of social justice and peace; and promote participation in Vacation Bible School activities.