The Saint Mark Church Pastoral Council

Who We Are and What We Do

The Saint Mark Church Pastoral Council is a 9-13 person advisory board to the pastor. Nine are elected (three year terms) from among registered parishioners. The pastor may choose to appoint up to four additional members (one year term). Annual nominations and elections occur during the spring. Saint Mark Church seeks candidates who will help the Council represent the diverse liturgies and people in our church.

The Pastoral Council is a singular way to get involved with the life of the church, where a member participates in the inner workings of a dynamic, challenging Parish blessed with abundant talent and treasure. A member has a unique opportunity to contribute to critical services, like education and outreach, or to help develop the worship experience for the benefit of all parishioners.

The purposes and objectives of the council are:

  • To implement and restate, when necessary, the mission of Saint Mark Parish.
  • To set annual goals in fulfillment of the mission and to formulate plans to meet them.
  • To monitor the execution of Parish plans and programs and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • To encourage, facilitate, support and provide liaison with the parishioners and parish organizations and activities.
  • To work in union with the pastor and the Parish Finance Council to oversee financial and physical resources, consistent with the mission and goals of the Parish.

Pastoral Council 2016-2017

Reverend Fr. Patrick Keene

(910) 392-0720 ext. 221

Pastoral Council Officers/Members

Chairman Shields, Robert B. (Bob) (910) 264-5211
  Burrows, Bryan (910) 859-9916
  Ennis, Brian Richard (910) 686-3659
  Franklin, Christy (910) 619-2344
  Husemann, Richard C (Dick) (910) 686-1932
  Kotas, Peter (Pete) (919) 434-8731
  Kranich, Jeffrey (Jeff) (910) 550-4568
  Martuscello, Ralph (518) 224-8952
  Peters, Joel (910) 233-6156
  Shelton, Steven (Steve) (910) 686-2082
  Stinson, Craig (910) 524-2679
  Vaughn, Kellie (910) 297-4842