I learn a lot from my children. They’re a constant reminder of God’s incredible love and generosity and if I pay close enough attention, God uses them to teach me little lessons. Most recently He used my 3 month old baby girl to remind me to live in the present moment. Of course most everyone reminds me of this with comments like, “Enjoy it!” and “It goes fast!” These comments, of course, are directed toward me – reminding me to savor this special time with my kids. However, the other day I had the thought to look at time through the eyes of my 3 month old – and was struck by what I could learn from this new perspective in applying it to myself, as a child of God.

My 3 month old has no other place she’d rather be than in my arms. She has no other commitments, no distractions of daily life. She sees things simply for what they are. I am her source of entertainment, of nourishment in time of hunger, of comfort in time of sadness. When my face comes into focus in front of her, I am greeted with a wide toothless grin often accompanied by a little squeal of delight (seriously the best ever – something I cannot get enough of!). She’s happy as a clam so long as she’s in my arms or has my full attention. And then it hit me – I should be this same way with God!

Just the other day, a book I’m reading asked, “When was the last time you were ecstatically happy?” I thought of when I’m watching my children – completely in the moment – no phone in sight and nothing on my mind except for them, overwhelmed with gratitude just taking it all in. I thought of those times in Adoration when I let myself be absorbed in the Presence of my Loving Father. When I break from the complexity of daily life and follow the lead of my 3 month old and simply just “be” and rest in God’s loving embrace. I can’t help but think of this as a little taste of heaven – when we are so overwhelmed by the presence of God that nothing else will matter.

My 3 month old reminded me to live in the moment and find rest in God, to allow myself to fix my eyes on God and let my gaze rest on Him. She reminded me to take time to turn off my phone, set aside that ever growing to-do list, and just live in the moment, letting myself be surrounded by the love of God and see my surroundings for what they are – the love of God manifested in the beauty around me and in these two little souls I am blessed to call my children. I was appreciative for this little reminder and happy to share it with you as well.

Melissa Quaranto

Melissa Quaranto

Director of youth ministry