“I love you more than all the blue in the sky,” God whispered.

These were actually the words I spoke to my 2-year-old before dropping him off at daycare, but like so many times before, God used my own words – the words of a parent speaking to a child – to speak to me as His child.

My son and I go back and forth with each other. I’ll say, “I love you more than all the stars in the sky” and he responds with, “sand, beach” (translation: “I love you more than all the sand on the beach”). That particular morning was one of those notably beautiful fall mornings complete with a big beautiful blue sky and a crisp feeling of anticipation in the air. Just moments after saying those words, “I love you more than all the blue in the sky,” I realized God was saying that same thing to me. And not just that particular day, but everyday – through the beauty of Creation.

So I challenge you to look around you today with new eyes, the eyes of a parent describing their love to a child, and see Creation for what it is: God’s life giving love… for you!

Melissa Quaranto

Melissa Quaranto

Director of youth ministry