Registering for a Parish Event

When you click on a link to Register for an Event and when ACCESS recognizes you by name and email address, you should find event registration quite straightforward. ACCESS will then display your name and your family members on one screen, where you can select those family members that you want to register.

However, when you enter your email address, First Name, and Last Name and if ACCESS doesn’t find you, ACCESS will ask you for additional information. You will still be able to register as a guest but you may have to register each family member separately.

There are several possible reasons why ACCESS didn’t find you in the first place. Perhaps:

  • You have never logged into ACCESS. You may be recorded in the parish database with an email address but you’ll want to obtain a login to ACCESS, so that ACCESS will recognize you in the future when you register for an event.
  • Your email address is not in the parish database. Our staff will use your guest information, including your email address, to update the parish database. Once your email address is entered, you will be able to obtain a login to ACCESS.
  • You are not recorded in the parish database. If you would like to be included as a parishioner or prospective parishioner in the future, please complete a Parish Registration form available on the Church website or contact the Church Office.
  • You are entering your “Goes by Name” as your First Name and it is not in the database. Please login to ACCESS and add a “Goes by Name” to the Personal Information in your Profile. In the future, ACCESS will recognize you by either your “Goes by Name” or your First Name.
  • You are entering your Middle Name as your First Name and it is not included in your ACCESS profile as your “Goes by Name.” Please log into ACCESS with your First Name and update the Personal Information in your Profile accordingly.
  • You are entering two names as the First Name, such as “Bob and Mary” or “Bob & Mary” to register both husband and wife for an event. ACCESS will register only one person for the event and as a guest. In this case, our staff might choose to fix this registration by “cancelling” your initial registration and re-registering each person separately. In the future, enter one First Name to start the registration process.

To request help from a St. Mark ACCESS administrator, click on Report a Problem at the top right of any ACCESS page.